Great design always starts in the mind, but is crafted with our hands.

Our Process

Although each project is unique, we always begin our process with a solid foundation of planning with extensive research and conceptualization.

All of our concepts start with hand drawn renderings and ideas. With a strong background in illustration, we feel that hand drawn concepts are always the best way to start.

Since the landscape is always changing, we must be adaptable and always be learning. We want to make sure that what we create is impactful to the client and most importantly, their customers.

We have a passion
for creating beautiful design.

At Mano, we want to help your company evolve through design. Design evokes emotions. It’s the first impression your customers have with your company. So, you want to make it count. We can help you do that.

Through collaboration with other agencies or studios, or working directly with clients, we have experience crafting beautiful designs for brands such as Steam Whistle Brewing, Spirit of York Distillery and Sonos.


Toronto, Canada